Deptford X 2001,   Saints & Sinners (2001)

Art House Gallery (Lewisham),  Angels Descending (2004)

Deptford X 2004 ,  Angels Deptford Market (2004)

Art House Gallery (Lewisham), Unicorns, Minotaurs etc. (2005)

Art House Gallery (Lewisham), Titans (2006)

Limelight Gallery, I Believe I can Fly (2006)

Art House Gallery (Lewisham), Tattooed Lover Boy (2007)

Redgate Gallery, Promethean Fire (2007)

Adonis Gallery, Tanglewood (2007)

Crypt Gallery (St Pancras Church), Reverie (2008)

Gallery @ Willesden Green, Dream Warriors (2008)

Redgate Gallery, Twelve Steps to Sainthood (2008)

Art House Gallery (Lewisham), Serendipity Doodah (2008)

Crypt Gallery (St Pancras Church), Blackmankind (2009)


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