opening night

August 14, 2010

After a fabulous opening night the Charlie Pi Summershow is up and running.

The show looks fantastic. The powerful landscapes of Agnes Eve take you through the cold walls of the Crypt to bleak moorlands and towering cliffs, you can almost feel the rush of the wind. Jo Wilmot on the other hand takes you out to a world of glamour with her beautiful and rich paintings of toy-dogs, handbags and jewellry, her almost abstract vision of a private gym plunges through the darkness of the far wall. Eugene Ankomah’s installations take us even farther, back to his Ghanaian  roots with  twists of  humour and a touch of the streets. Don’t miss his custom made installation almost hidden in a hole in the wall, a glimpse of a tiny kingdom.

My work is of course fabulous and thanks to help from Nesta is still hanging. Dont miss the Down-Low Drag Club which is open for fun and new members.

I am so pleased with the show and all the participants.

If you have any comments or pictures from the opening please insert into blog.

Open till 29th August

photo by Jaine Laine

Charlie at the shrine of the Blessed Basil