August 25, 2011

– Mixanthropy, 1

– Mixanthropy, 2

– Mixanthropy, 3

– Mixanthropy, 4

– Mixanthropy, 5

– Mixanthropy, 6

– Mixanthropy, 7

– Mixanthropy, 8

– Black Narcissus


On deciding to get back into painting for the new millenium, I through everything at my work. Wooden constructs painted in rich oils with added objects such as candleabras, wooden eagles, chains, feathers and electric lights. The imagery taken from Greek and Pagan myth gave me an excuse to paint iconic images of the semi-naked male figure ( same excuse as used by the Victorian painters at the turn of the last century.) Gradually I moved from using existing myths in an attempt to create a new mythology around the black male. Finally using real models I concentrated on bringing out their personal qualities as hard working men striving to achieve in their chosen fields as singers, poets, dancers, soldiers, labourers and mechanics: an attempt to portray the spiritual, intellectual and human nature of black men away from the macho posturing of gangsta rappers.

As you will see from this blog my current preoccupations are pretty far removed from this Baroque work, but as a painter I see myself returning to oil in the coming year.



August 8, 2011

A big stiff shirt. Oedipus Hex


August 1, 2011

Like the Phoenix reborn from the ashes of it’s own funeral pyre the painting is brought back to life, resuscitated by the artist.

The finished work ,” BOILED BUNNY”