Charlie Pi contact list:

Telephone: 0208 691 5592

Studio: Temporary/Contemporary DIY Studios
The Old Police Station
114 Amersham Vale
SE14 6LG


5 Responses to “CONTACT”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Hope you had an enjoyable show yesterday. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I met you briefly prior to the Art Saves Lives program on Resonance FM on the 5th April.

    Nice, clean and clear looking site.

    Best wishes

    Cathy Flower

  2. Simon Wu Says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I went to the Blue Elephant Theatre and saw the display of your works. They were great but I was particularly interested in one of the paintings. Just wonder if you could give me an email and I can tell you which one I have in mind (I have taken a photo of the paintings I like). I am seriously interested in buying it.


  3. Anna Robinson Says:

    Hello Charlie,
    I recently visited a friend’s house and spotted a beautiful little ‘plaque’ on her wall, called ‘Evidence of angels’. Fell totally in love with it.
    Would I be able to buy the same piece from you, and how much would it cost?
    I have a ‘thing’ about wings and this piece ticks lots of boxes for me.
    Many thanks,
    Anna Robinson

  4. Beverley Says:

    totally gutted I have just found out about this show : ((

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