My Stars on Youtube

February 22, 2011

Tribal Gathering

After Sargent

Check out a video of Eugene Ankomah’s work. Made in Germany the video shows Eugenes tribal sculptures superimposed on local buildings. A form of 3d graffiti. The works include some from ‘The Skin I’m In’ show at the Crypt gallery 2010.

My main model and muse Basil Kinghorn proves he’s more than a beautiful face and a fabulous body as lead singer with the group Voodoo Pearl singing ‘Suicide Blues’ a truly fantastic rock voice.



The Channeling of the Spirit of Lizzie Borden

caption id=”attachment_519″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”The Channeling of the Spirit of Lizzie Borden”][/caption]

February the 5th saw the resurrection of 70’s Performance Artist, Charlie Pig.

Charlie Pi was invited to show his work as part of a pop-up event organised by Rebecca Bogue for Post Road Pilot.

Having proposed to show, ‘Lizzie Borden’s Dirty Laundry’, Charlie Pi suggested that as the event was primarily performance based he would in his former avatar, Charlie Pig, attempt to channel the spirit of Lizzie Borden.

As in previous performance works the scenario was decided in advance: I would take the artworks from the wall and attempt to create a Victorian costume. However the actual performance would be improvised, based in real time and for the particular venue and audience.

At the last moment it occured to me that Ms. Lizzie Borden would find the exhibition both libelous and a personal affront.

She proceeded to censor the exhibtion and to rip the works from the wall.