September 25, 2010


ARTISAN                                                                                                                                                                            SOLD
The painting is based on the ‘vegetable’ portraits of Guiseppe Archimboldo, using images of tools to create a figure representing the Archetype of the maker/artist/artisan. The dictionary defines artisan as :one skilled in any art or trade, a handicraftsman, a mechanic. It is appropriate that ‘Artisan’ should appear at Johnny’s D.I.Y. and appropriate that Johnny’s should be at 150 Deptford High Street ——–“ these other properties were evidently artisanal dwellings. In the 1740s occupants included two shipwrights, a sailmaker, and a house carpenter, all in the pay of the Naval Dockyard.”
The painting is created only of materials available at Johnny’s D.I.Y.

I have a large collection of old tools but am in know way an artiisan. I cannot even insert a screw. To me tools are magical artefacts. They are totems of masculinity. This is linked to the fact that I grew up in a house that only possessed a hammer and a screw driver neither of which was ever used by my father. Any D.I.Y undertaken was done by my mother. The archetype of the father is ,he who takes you out into the world, who builds a place of safety away from that world. My father did neither of these things. Perhaps in collecting tools I am trying to accumulate some of the masculine magic I missed out on in my childhood.

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