Arthur’s Comeback Tour

June 12, 2011

Sixties Star Arthur formerly of Arthur and the Vandellas made a surprise return at the afterparty of Tonny A’s new show at the Blue Elephant Theatre.

This is one frock currently safe from burning because Tonny A is suing for custody, but I can’t wait to burn it.


Latest Burnt Offering

June 12, 2011

Yes folks the burning continues. This latest piece is called, ‘Toxic Spice Girls.’ It is based on the old nursery rhyme,’ Sugar and Spice and everything nice. That’s what little Girls are made of.’ Constructed using nasty party frocks for little girls(only £2.00 each on Deptford High Street) + foam rubber lettering on a 5ft by 3ft plywood sheet.

The Burning

before the burning

The Burning Continues

The Burnt Offering

I burn Frocks. That’s what I do.
The Remains of Myth is a series of works which attempt to deconstruct gender constructs based on Jungian type Archetypes epitomised by found articles of clothing. These items of clothing are then literally decontructed by becoming contructs on plywood altered by burning. Burning can be seen as the ultimate force for change as in the Phoenix which rises anew from the ashes of it’s father.
I burn frocks. That’s what I do.