The Bunny gets it!

July 23, 2011

The Burning continues. “Boiled Bunny” the latest in the “Remains of Myth” series undergoes the burning process. NEXT: “Belly Dance.”


Arthur’s Comeback Tour

June 12, 2011

Sixties Star Arthur formerly of Arthur and the Vandellas made a surprise return at the afterparty of Tonny A’s new show at the Blue Elephant Theatre.

This is one frock currently safe from burning because Tonny A is suing for custody, but I can’t wait to burn it.

Latest Burnt Offering

June 12, 2011

Yes folks the burning continues. This latest piece is called, ‘Toxic Spice Girls.’ It is based on the old nursery rhyme,’ Sugar and Spice and everything nice. That’s what little Girls are made of.’ Constructed using nasty party frocks for little girls(only £2.00 each on Deptford High Street) + foam rubber lettering on a 5ft by 3ft plywood sheet.

The Burning

before the burning

The Burning Continues

The Burnt Offering

I burn Frocks. That’s what I do.
The Remains of Myth is a series of works which attempt to deconstruct gender constructs based on Jungian type Archetypes epitomised by found articles of clothing. These items of clothing are then literally decontructed by becoming contructs on plywood altered by burning. Burning can be seen as the ultimate force for change as in the Phoenix which rises anew from the ashes of it’s father.
I burn frocks. That’s what I do.


March 27, 2011

French Polisher's Apron


Apron Reversed

In Herman Mellville’s epic novel Moby Dick, he describes an apron worn by ‘The Mincer’ made from the ‘Grandissimus’ of the whale.

French Polisher's Apron


Apron Reversed

‘The Cassock’

Had you stepped on board the Pequod at a certain juncture of this post-mortemising of the whale; and had you strolled forward nigh the windlass, pretty sure I am that you would have scanned with no small curiosity a very strange, enigmatical object, which you would have seen there, lying along lengthwise in the lee scuppers. Not the wondrous cistern in the whale’s huge head; not the prodigy of his unhinged lower jaw; not the miracle of his symmetrical tail; none of these would so surprise you, as half a glimpse of that unaccountable cone, longer than a Kentuckian is tall, nigh a foot in diameter at the base, and jet-black as Yojo, the ebony idol of Queequeg. And an idol, indeed, it is; or, rather, in olden times, its likeness was. Such an idol as that found in the the secret groves of Queen Maachah in Judea; and for worshipping which, king Asa, her son, did depose her, and destroyed the idol, and burnt it for an abomination at the brook Kedron, as darkly set forth in the 15th chapter of the first book of Kings.
Look at the sailor, called the mincer, who now comes along, and assisted by two allies, heavily backs the grandissimus, as the mariners call it, and with bowed shoulders, staggers off with it as if he were a grenadier carrying a dead comrade from the field. Extending it upon the forecastle deck, he now proceeds cylindrically to remove its dark pelt, as an African hunter the pelt of a boa. This done he turns the pelt inside out, like a pantaloon leg; gives it a good stretching, so as to almost double its diameter; and at last hangs it, well spread, in the rigging, to dry. Ere long, it is taken down; when removing three feet of it, towards the pointed extremity, and then cutting two slits for arm-holes at the other end, he lengthwise slips himself bodily into it. The mincer now stands before you invested in the full canonicals of his calling. Immemorial to all his order, this investiture alone will adequately protect him, while employed in the peculiar functions of his office.
That office consists in mincing the horse-pieces of blubber for the pots; an operation which is conducted at a curious wooden horse, planted endwise against the bulwarks, and with a capacious tub beneath it, into which the minced pieces drop, fast as the sheets from a rapt orator’s desk. Arrayed in decent black; occupying a conspicuous pulpit; intent on bible leaves; what a candidate for an archbishoprick, what a lad for a Pope were this mincer!

As with many of the found objects used in my current work about archetypes in costume,’The Remains of Myth’, these aprons were bought in Deptford Junk Market. I’m always on the look out for materials such as paints or brushes and on this occasion came across a box of old materials used by a French Polisher; wood stains, varnishes and teak oil. Next to the box I was astonished to find a pile of hand made linen aprons which were obviously associated. These aprons were unusual in shape being longer and thinner than one would normally expect an apron to be, they also included rather shallow pockets and several strings to attach them to the body. On working on drawings of the aprons I became aware that there was a certain phallic appearance. In a strange way they reminded me of some wierd prophylactic, and if reversed the pocket resembled the prepuce. I later remembered the above passage from my favourite book, Moby Dick. A humorous passage which is at the same time coy and explicit. The slightly esoteric references to the Bible would seem to be a way of obscuring the true nature of what he is describing whilst at the same time elevating the subject to a higher plain.

The Remains of Myth

March 23, 2011

xmas fairy


detail fairy


Angel Heart Drawing


Angel Heart Drawing


Little Devil, Drawing for 3D Construct


Little Devil, Drawing for 3D Construct

A series of works which examine the mythology of costume. Looking at Jungian Archetypes such as hero, virgin, father in order to dig up what remains in the twenty first century. Being Archetypes they of course will never completely vanish. The ways in which costume determines how we are seen and therfore how we present ourselves. Presented as text-book illustrations from Archaeology, Anatomy or Biology texts, the works take found objects of costume and stick them on plywood using all sorts of mixed media from pva to varnish and polish. The items are also burned, which gives them a random finish thus becoming remains. Moving on from my previous burning of wedding dresses these costumes include twenties slips, industrial aprons and most importantly children’s dressing-up costumes. Looking at how parents choose to dress their children; girls as fairies, princesses and angels; boys as devils, soldiers and pirates, these particular works attempt to deconstruct gender constructs in costume by the construction of both 2 and 3 dimensional art works. Lots of construction, deconstruction and destruction.

My Stars on Youtube

February 22, 2011

Tribal Gathering

After Sargent

Check out a video of Eugene Ankomah’s work. Made in Germany the video shows Eugenes tribal sculptures superimposed on local buildings. A form of 3d graffiti. The works include some from ‘The Skin I’m In’ show at the Crypt gallery 2010.

My main model and muse Basil Kinghorn proves he’s more than a beautiful face and a fabulous body as lead singer with the group Voodoo Pearl singing ‘Suicide Blues’ a truly fantastic rock voice.


The Channeling of the Spirit of Lizzie Borden

caption id=”attachment_519″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”The Channeling of the Spirit of Lizzie Borden”][/caption]

February the 5th saw the resurrection of 70’s Performance Artist, Charlie Pig.

Charlie Pi was invited to show his work as part of a pop-up event organised by Rebecca Bogue for Post Road Pilot.

Having proposed to show, ‘Lizzie Borden’s Dirty Laundry’, Charlie Pi suggested that as the event was primarily performance based he would in his former avatar, Charlie Pig, attempt to channel the spirit of Lizzie Borden.

As in previous performance works the scenario was decided in advance: I would take the artworks from the wall and attempt to create a Victorian costume. However the actual performance would be improvised, based in real time and for the particular venue and audience.

At the last moment it occured to me that Ms. Lizzie Borden would find the exhibition both libelous and a personal affront.

She proceeded to censor the exhibtion and to rip the works from the wall.


November 1, 2010

Unlimited Hedonism @ home.

AN installation by Don E More @ his home in Clapton . The whole house converted into an installation.. Draped dresses hanging everywhere , burnt., stained and torn, ‘The ghosts of murdered transvestites.’ A deeply moving experience peopled by boys doing their make-up and a stunning dance improv by Don and Johnathon. Made my little room (actually the best bedroom ) seem nothing when the back bedroom, painted red and lit by red light contained the giant , laughing red dress, literally in paroxysms of laughter. Being Halloween weekend dozens of little demons. witches and skeletons had the experience of their young lives, running crazily from room to room.

Sorry you missed it. Dont miss Unlimited Hedonism’s next event.


October 10, 2010

Exhibited as part of the exhibition , ‘The Skin I’m In’, these works on paper feature multi image portrayals of an elderly man in a Wee Willie Winkie nightshirt. As in all my current work I am very aware that rather than portraits of the model they are my own thoughts and feelings projected onto the model in an attempt to explore the real lives of others. In this particular case I am obviously looking forward (with much trepidation) to my own old age. The photographs were taken indoors but I first moved the characters into the back garden , where much squirrel watching occurs. The title of this first piece came from a sign on the side of a builders van which of course referred to brickwork. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT WHAT MIGHT APPEAR TO BE BOOK ILLUSTRATION ARE IN FACT 5′ X 4′;

traditional pointing

awaiting winter fuel payment

detail winter fuel

NHS Recycling

NHS Recycling; detail

counting bees

Burn Baby Burn

October 6, 2010

All the following pictures are of work in progress. In my last exhibition I showed several works which featured dresses applied to the paper surface. I was disappointed in attempts to integrate the clothing into the surface of the pictures but eventually succeeded by burning the surface of the clothing.

OZ Summer Fashions

Back in the studio I decided to pursue this process but also to make the burning a part of the storytelling. I decided to use the story of Miss Havisham from ‘Great Expectations’. I arranged a photo shoot in which I was to portray Miss Havisham but invited my usual male model and decided that he being Jamaican could portray the 1st Mrs Rochester from , ‘Jane Eyre.’ Both women were burnt to death, Miss Havisham in the wedding dress that she had worn for forty years.
Miss Havisham, mixed media A2
Miss Havisham, mixed media A2
The 1st Mrs Rochester, mixed media A2
The 1st Mrs Rochester, mixed media A2The 1st Mrs Rochester, mixed media on plywood 3’x4′ with applied and burnt wedding dress
The 1st Mrs Rochester, mixed media on plywood 3’x4′ with applied and burnt wedding dress.
The 1st Mrs Rochester, mixed media on plywood 3’x4′ with applied and burnt wedding dress
Detail of Burnt Wedding Dress

In a large enough exhibition space I would like to create an installation in which the train of the wedding dress extended into a table top with place settings and wedding cake, all decayed and burnt.

This could possibly include the works of other artists along the lines of, ‘The Dinner Party’ by Judy Chicago.

Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party