May 5, 2012

Arthur and the Vandellas feat,. Tonny A

This exhibition has done much to revive my belief in Art. I have always felt vaguely excluded by the ArtWorld : exhibition opening nights seemed to be all about middle class white men and this has hardly changed in thirty years.

On Thursday night I felt totally included and the people around me for once seemed to represent my world. Men and women, black and white,  able bodied and disabled, young and old,  all together to celebrate wonderful artworks.  And the Art was fabulous, for once I found nothing to criticize and anybody who knows me will find that surprising, the quality of the work on display made me feel humble to be included. The exhibition was beautifully and thoughtfully mounted (thank you Ben) it was extraordinary to see Christopher Samuel’s drawing, ‘A room with no view.’ hung at his eye-line.  Thanks to SHAPE for allowing me to be part of this exhibition and for all the wonderful wprk they do and thanks especially to all those directly involved in making this a wonderful, life-affirming experience.

‘Trapped in this pelvis’ by Alexandra Unger.

No No No by Kate Murdoch.

Photographer Phillipa emerges from video room.

Lauren Nicholas and sister.

Artist Christopher Samuel creator of, ‘A Room with no View.’

Kate Murdoch and Christopher’s cheeky but handsome cousin.

Christopher Samuel, brother and cousin.

The Nicholas family.


One Response to “SHAPE CLOSING”

  1. Christopher Samuel Says:

    Hi Charlie

    I’ve been meaning to contact you but I’ve been unwell. I’m really surprised and chuffed to see myself and family included in your write up!! (My cousin said hello) .I wanted to express my thanks also! This has inspired me and this has also given me positive conformation on many levels !

    Hope to make to your viewing of your work coming up soon!


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