The Remains of Myth

March 23, 2011

xmas fairy


detail fairy


Angel Heart Drawing


Angel Heart Drawing


Little Devil, Drawing for 3D Construct


Little Devil, Drawing for 3D Construct

A series of works which examine the mythology of costume. Looking at Jungian Archetypes such as hero, virgin, father in order to dig up what remains in the twenty first century. Being Archetypes they of course will never completely vanish. The ways in which costume determines how we are seen and therfore how we present ourselves. Presented as text-book illustrations from Archaeology, Anatomy or Biology texts, the works take found objects of costume and stick them on plywood using all sorts of mixed media from pva to varnish and polish. The items are also burned, which gives them a random finish thus becoming remains. Moving on from my previous burning of wedding dresses these costumes include twenties slips, industrial aprons and most importantly children’s dressing-up costumes. Looking at how parents choose to dress their children; girls as fairies, princesses and angels; boys as devils, soldiers and pirates, these particular works attempt to deconstruct gender constructs in costume by the construction of both 2 and 3 dimensional art works. Lots of construction, deconstruction and destruction.


One Response to “The Remains of Myth”

  1. Cathy Says:

    me again. hi charlie,

    I like your angel heart drawings.

    best wishes


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