Men in Frocks

July 7, 2010

I admit that at several times in my life I have slipped on a frock. In my upcoming Summershow I include pics of my former self (performance artist. Charlie Pig) wearing a tricel tiger-print frock whilst skinning a rabbit. This was in the 70’s and the performance was called ‘The Ideal Woman.’

I was also inspired by a fashion magazine spread showing big hunky men wearing frilly party frocks. I have created several pieces around these pictures including a couple called ‘Oz Summer Fashions.’ This is not the Oz of Dorothy but the Oz maximum Security Prison.  These pieces will be shown in a separate room within the Crypt currently dubbed ‘Dragclub’ Rule 1; Nobody talks about Dragclub. Rule2; Nobody talks about Dragclub.

I am intrigued and amused  by the idea that there might be a Dragclub where hyper-masculine men go to hang out in frocks with similar men. It might exist, I wouldn’t know because ‘they’ wouldn’t tell me about it cos’ I’m not butch enough!

Well folks we’ve been open a week and the first member of the Down-low Drag Club has at last made an appearance. Well worth waiting for I think y’all agree.

What a beauty?


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