The Skin I’m In – Guest artists

July 7, 2010

Hey folks!

I’ve finalized my guest list for my new Summer Show, The Skin I’m In, which opens  at The Crypt Gallery (@ St Pancras Church) this August. I’m so excited as this is bound to be a truly stupendous exhibition! See for yourself below:


Agnes Eve: will be showing her wonderful strong yet intimate, semi-abstract landscapes – ‘The substratum for my paintings comes from Nature. Nature takes the leadership in creating. It is a constant, unstoppable process of formation within creation and has been progressing since the Big Bang. My role is to extract it from the whole and transfer it to my work.” (

Jo Wilmot: Presents all new oils based on concepts of glamour – “I’m interested in the way shiny newness becomes tarnished, in how fast a longed for item or experience switches from desirable to bland. We live in a culture of glossy images, objects and items and we are led to believe that the next purchase or cocktail will make us complete.” (

Installation :

Eugene Ankomah: Will be re-creating an installation and video based on a previous performance, ‘Tribal Dance’ – My work often mixes cultural imagery and symbolism from my African background coupled with images from popular culture combined with experimental ways of approaching my various themes I aim to comment socially, politically, culturally, emotionally and personally. I reveal to hide and hide to expose.” (

Yours Truly,

Charlie Pi


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