The Skin I’m In @ The Crypt Gallery (11th – 30th/08, 2010)

June 20, 2010



The Skin I’m In is Charlie Pi’s new exhibition since last year’s successful  summer show @ St Pancras Church. Charlie Pi returns this year to The Crypt Gallery with a series of large works on paper which take  the form of children’s nursery rhyme illustration, plans, sketches, storyboards, illustrations, comics and text made large. As Charlie says, ‘Not precursors but finished works in their own right”. Indeed, using paper as a free space to examine both theme and the process of illustration has taken Charlie’s signature baroque paintings to another dimension where iconographies of beautiful young black men have become a mixture of mixed gendered subjects set in multi-image  polyptich.

The Skin I’m In, The Crypt Gallery @ St Pancras Church

11th – 30th August 2010, 12.00 – 18.00 (Tuesday to Sunday)

Opening Night – Wednesday 11th August, 18.30 – 20.30






2 Responses to “The Skin I’m In @ The Crypt Gallery (11th – 30th/08, 2010)”

  1. Justin Barry Says:

    Nice art work at johnny’s

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